Brief History of Baja California Sur

Description Of the Physical Geography; The Mexican state of Baja California Sur occupies the southern half of the peninsula of Baja California, in northwestern Mexico. It is located between the meridians 109o 25′ and 115o 05′ west longitude, and...

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Sunset Cruising in Cabo

Did you know that there are 17 shades of red in a sunset? I haven't actually counted them but the sunsets in Cabo are breathtaking. The layers of color are amazing from yellow to orange to pink to red to purple with such deep, supple shades. ...

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How do I...?

Transportation in Cabo

So, you are coming to Cabo for vacation. First--its a 30 minute drive from the airport, how are you getting here? Second--you have heard that Mexicans drive crazy, is it safe to drive? What options do you have? Whether you are staying at a r...

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Local News

Cabo--Then and Now

When you think of vacationing in Mexico many people think of fancy resorts on the beach. Cabo has a plethora. Hotels, timeshares, and condos line the coastline from Cabo Pulmo to San Jose del Cabo to the corridor all the way to Cabo around lan...

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Cabo San Lucas

Located at the Southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is a fisherman's paradise, a beach bums escape, an adventure seeker's pinnacle and a traveler's oasis. When your travel to Cabo San Lucas you are escaping the fast pace of reality...

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