The Ultimate Guide to Transportation in Los Cabos

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Exploring a foreign country is an exciting adventure, but navigating the transportation options can sometimes be a daunting task. Let’s dive into the variety of transportation available in Los Cabos. From traditional modes like hotel taxis to more common day-to-day alternatives like Uber. We’ll guide you through the best ways to get around and make the most of your visit.

Where are you in Cabo? 

The word “Cabo” has a nice ring to it, but where you are on the map may not always be clear. Los Cabos is divided into two municipalities: San José del Cabo, where the international airport is located, and Cabo San Lucas, where you can find the arch. Uniting these two very distinctive towns lies the Tourist Corridor, a 20-mile (33 km) stretch of highway (20-30 minute drive) where every exit will take you to one of the many renowned hotels in the destination or to one the region’s must visit beaches. Understanding where you are in Cabo and where you are going will make planning your day and deciding on your transportation preference that much easier.




Hotel transportation

Our first suggestion is to get in contact with your hotel, especially if you booked via a travel agency. Your reservation might include things like round trip airport service. This can be really helpful and allow you to enjoy Los Cabos as soon as possible. Also check how they recommend you get around town. In general, this selection is on the expensive side, but it’s safe and reliable.  

Can I take an Uber?

Yes, (but sometimes no). Ubers are all over the place and are generally an inexpensive alternative, especially for short rides. The big caveat here is that they are not allowed to pick up clients at the airport or many of the big hotels along the corridor (though they can still drop you off). We recommend checking with your hotel before trying to solicit an Uber or any similar service. We are sure some of the other options in this article is for you.

Taking a Taxi

Taking a taxi in Los Cabos is safe and, often, the most convenient pick. However, as easy as jumping into the back of the taxi may seem, the price at the end of the trip can be a not-so-pleasant surprise. The best advice we can give you is to ask the fare before getting in to make the best decision. 

Renting a Car

Rental cars are an incredible way to discover Baja at your own pace and go off the beaten path. Whether you are in Cabo San Lucas or San José, going off the main streets can look a bit chaotic at first, but soon you’ll get the rhythm of the local transit. 

Just be aware that if your ideal vacation is to stay at your all inclusive resort and just explore downtown, we would recommend saving yourself some money and opting for a different means of travel.

Getting a Private Driver

Private transport is by far the most recommended method of transportation among regular visitors. It can cater to your specific needs, accommodate different group sizes, wait for you after an activity, or stick with you the entire day. All of this while generally being cheaper than regular or hotel taxis and being able to reach places where an Uber can struggle. 

Taking the Bus

The public transportation in Los Cabos is quite simple to use. There are principal routes that connect Cabo San Lucas with San José del Cabo and can pick you up or drop you off right in front of the airport. This is, hands down, the cheapest way to travel, but be aware that it won’t let you off right at the door of your hotel. Also, take into account that this is a common way for locals to commute to work and back. It can be quite crowded at certain times of the day.

Some more advice about transportation in Los Cabos

From private drivers to taking the bus, we’ve taken a look at every option you’ll come across in your visit. But before you continue planning your trip, here are some final tips to help you get around Cabo worry-free.

  • Take traffic into account. Since the Tourist Corridor is of such importance for mobility in the area, you can imagine how a traffic jam might impact your plans.
  • We can’t stress this enough- do not cross the corridor on foot, even if you see some locals doing it. It is dangerous, and saving a few minutes is never worth the risk.
  • The best tip we can give you is to plan ahead to make sure you go with your best choice and make the most of your trip.