Bisbee’s Black & Blue 2023 Tournament Makes History with a $4.4 Million Payout

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In a groundbreaking moment, the Bisbee’s S Black & Blue 2023 Tournaments marked its 43rd year with a record-breaking $4.4 million USD payout, cementing its position as one of the most prestigious events in the world of big-game sportfishing. The staggering sum of $3,906,550 USD was awarded as a single check, surpassing all previous records and exemplifying the tournament’s commitment to excellence.


This milestone payout eclipsed the prior record held by Team Bad Company back in 2007, which fell short by a mere $4,000 USD. The astounding victory in 2023 was achieved by Team Stella June, who made a triumphant landing with a colossal 368-pound Black Marlin on the tournament’s first day. Their remarkable catch not only secured them the Daily Jackpot but also propelled them into the limelight, having previously clinched the “Let it Ride” Jackpots in both 2020 and 2021. Team Stella June’s exceptional performance earned them the well-deserved 2nd Place Overall.

However, the competition was fierce, and Rocky Mountain Hookers made an incredible statement by landing a colossal 501-pound Blue Marlin on the following day. This extraordinary catch not only secured them the 1st Place Overall position but also cast a shadow over Stella June’s potential winnings. Had Stella June’s Black Marlin retained the title of the largest of the tournament, their winnings would have been in the staggering range of 5 million dollars. The Rocky Mountain Team showcased their prowess by promptly bringing their remarkable catch, the largest in any tournament this year, to the scales right after the weigh station opened, at a remarkably early 9:45 am. This impressive feat earned them a total check of $3,644,139 USD. Of which they donated $100,000 to a local charity underlining their remarkable achievement.