When are the Whales here?

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Touring the Baja:  THE WHALES ARE HERE
Very few places in the world can say that they are visited by giants once a year. During whale watching season, Cabo is lucky enough to be one of them. As if the incredible contrast between the desert and the ocean wasn’t enough, our marine wildlife has been studied, documented, and celebrated for decades. Humpback whales travel through Cabo San Lucas from November to April. Although these whales are found in many oceans around the world, the humpbacks we see here prefer Cabo for very specific reasons. They spend their summer feasting on as much krill and small fish as they can, consuming up to a thousand kilograms a day, in order to create the blubber they need to survive their trip. Once they’re here, peak season begins and tourists all over the world travel for a chance
to see them. The tourists put sunscreen on their faces, hats, and sunglasses, and book tours that are experts in chasing giants. Our captain’s eyes are so well trained, they see them from a great distance and speed towards a vague splash of water on the horizon.

There’s nothing more exciting than when they turn the motor off and you hear the breath of fresh air coming from the water. They’re underneath you and sometimes they want to play. On a special day, they’ll show off and leap from the water, and if you’re lucky enough you might see the baby whales frolic in the ocean, learning to swim. Even when they’re not in the mood, they’ll wave goodbye with their enormous tails. On the other hand, the Gray Whales arrive in early January. They mate and give birth up north and aren’t as common as humpbacks, which is why when they make an appearance it is considered a good omen.
After decades of hosting them, it gives the community a sense of pride that these magnificent beings decide to mate and give birth in our destination. They are a sign of prosperity. Every year, the water gets colder and they emerge from the ocean, breathe, and send splashes of mist in the air to let everyone know that the whales are here.